Hockey Arenas

Pelican Signs is supplier to many teams in Western Canada such as Okotoks Oilers, U of S Huskies, and all of the SJHL.

Ice Patterns

“He shoots, He scores!” Ice Patterns are a practical and efficient way to have your sponsors ‘on ice’ or should we say ‘in ice’. This no hassle installation process takes a fraction of the time that traditional painting can take and it supports gradients! There is no need for expensive patterns. Sizes are made to your specifications and can range from four to twenty feet. Instant impressive graphics right in the ice.

Rink Boards

Display messages containing sponsor logos and team/fan inspiration messages all around the excitement. Rink Boards are printed on High Impact Polystyrene for durable, high quality graphics.

Bowl Signs

Advertise on dynamic high quality backlit signage around and in the crowd for an eye catching effect.

Concourse Signs

From banners that hang from the ceiling and vinyl graphics around the pillars, to back lit signs, CUC concourse signage advertises to people who are moving back and forth from their seats during an event.