Custom Displays

Wow your clientele with custom displays that are presentable, professional, and most importantly, quick to assemble!! There are many economically priced pop up displays to choose from that are designed for fast exposure of seamless large format graphics. Visit our experts to customize your display for your next convention. Pelican Signs is an authorized distributor Mark Bric.

Here are a few of the many awe inspiring ideas. For more information please contact us or visit the Mark Bric website.


We are able to offer you different types of banner stands, developed for use at exhibitions, conferences, promotion campaigns etc. Whatever the level of event or type of target market, you will find a suitable “sales tool” within the BannerUp product group.


The Flexiframe display stands will certainly help you to arrange your material; photos, texts, graphics etc. in an effective and winning way. And remember, a first class picture needs first class treatment. A well designed display stand contributes to drawing attention and interest in what you want to say or show. The display stands are meant for indoor use, to be put at entrances, passages or other strategic points in shops, banks exhibition halls, etc. Wherever people come together or just pass.

FlexiFrame Modular Displays

You can save both money and effort. With an unlimited budget there certainly are more expensive systems to be found. But when low costs, extraordinary versatility and attractive looks are of vital interest, Flexiframe is just the alternative. As the name Flexiframe states, it is indeed flexible. It allows you to choose between different numbers, different sizes, different colours of the frames, different shapes, different floor areas and angles of the screens. The system is well tested and sold in more than 70 countries. It is established within many fields where creating higher interest is most important.

SwingUp Rack

This SwingUp rack for sales literature is ideal for use at exhibitions, trade shows, in showrooms, receptions etc. By means of this attractive rack you can have your printed material elegantly exposed on the shelves. Just unpack, pull up and SwingUp is ready. Extremely user friendly and very good stability. The 5-shelf literature stand comes flat-packed in a strong nylon bag and unfolds in seconds. The high-tech and timeless design, comes combined with top quality and durability, guarantees many years of daily use. By means of SwingUp we offer you the possibility to organize your printed material in an organized way.

SnapUp PopUp Displays

The SnapUp stand is compact, portable and extremely user-friendly. Can be used as backwalls in different shapes, configurations and sizes. Even as towers and desks. All display models are held together by pins, bars and tape – all magnetic! That’s “MagnetPro”, the basic idea of the whole system. Our new type of “PopUp” displays have very high impact. Designed for fast exposure of seamless large format graphics. Extremely sturdy and easy to assemble.

EGO Exhibit

EGO gives wings to a bright new idea of having a distinctive graphic panel system with room for much more creativity and customized designs, compared to more limited stand building and pop-up systems. The construction virtually disappears in favor of the printed graphics, with your message. The new concept is delivered as a highly engineered, yet extremely simple building system using only three basic components. Ego can be assembled in almost any size and shape configuration, with the structural integrity for mounting heavy accessory items such as LCDs, product showcases, and load bearing shelves. The assembly is completely tool-free.


On the Stretch unit, the image is printed on a fabric material, which is stretched out when the system is erected. The printed graphic remains attached to the system also during take-down and transport. It can´t be quicker and easier!!!